Business Restructuring Project for PECC1

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4 March, 2018
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13 March, 2018

From January to February 2018, thanks to the enthusiastic OCD consultants and the efforts of the PECC1 executives, the OCD strategic consultancy team completed the Development Strategic Development Consulting Project for Power Engineering Consulting Company No. 1 (PECC1) in very short time – one month.

Following the success of the first project, the two parties decided to sign Business Restructuring Contract. The overall objective of this Business Restructuring project is to develop a Business Restructuring plan for Power Engineering Consulting Company No. 1 (PECC1) in period 2018-2020. The Business Restructuring project help to build the Management and Authorization System, the Functional System and the Overall Human Resource Plan.

OCD consultants use the process consulting approach, which is develop and implement all these proposals through a co-working process with BOD, department heads, and key staffs. OCD consultants play the role of guiding the methodology, suggesting the development of indicators, providing specialist knowledge and discussing options to help company’s staffs in the process of achieving project goals and implement the Business Restructuring plan without consultants’ supports.

The Business Restructuring Project will help PECC1 build strong internal management systems, utilize human resource capacity and achieve the company’s strategic management goals for the sustainable development in the future.

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