OCD kicked-off the project on developing HR management system with Taiwanese company VPIC1

Competency Framework
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6 March, 2019
Từ vô danh, một loại quả Việt Nam tham vọng bán với giá đắt nhất thế giới, thành tên gọi phổ biến như kiwi New Zealand
6 March, 2019

January 2019, OCD Management Consulting and Taiwanese VPIC1 has signed the contract on development of VPIC1 HR management system

The project includes organizational re-structuring, developing new organizational chart, functions and work positions, developing competency framework and conducting competency assessment, developing KPI system and 3P compensation system.OCD consultants use the process consulting approach, which is develop and implement all these proposals through a co-working process with BOD, department heads, and key staffs. OCD consultants play the role of guiding the methodology, suggesting the development of indicators, providing specialist knowledge and discussing options to help company’s staffs during the consulting project.

The Business Restructuring Project will help VIPIC1 build strong internal management systems, utilize human resource capacity and achieve the company’s strategic management goals for the sustainable development in the future.

Within the project framework, VPIC1 will us OOC digiiMS application with the following components:

digiiOST – Organizational Structure

digiiOST – Organizational Structure helps companies to design organizational structure, organizational functions and positions with the following functions:

  • Value chain: Developing the value chain of the company based on OOC database
  • Organizational structure, functions and positions: helps companies to develop organizational structure, organizational functions and positions, using company and departmental functional matrix tool developed by OOC
  • Job description: helps the company to semi-auto create the job descriptions based on the information from the departmental functional matrix
  • Export all the information to Excel

digiiCAT – Competency Assessment Tool

digiiCAT – Competency Assessment Tool helps companies to develop their own competency assessment tool based on digiiCAT software and database, including:

  • Design competency dictionary and competency framework
  • Create the assessment batch
  • Implement the personal competency assessment
  • Monitor the competency assessment
  • Create multiple assessment reports and competency profiles automatically
  • Export all the reports to Excel

digiiKPI – Perfomance Management

digiiKPI – Performance Management helps companies to develop their KPI system, including company, departmental and position level KPIs:

  • Develop strategic map
  • Develop company level KPIs
  • Develop departmental level KPIs
  • Develop position level KPIs
  • Using the digiiKPI to track the implementation of KPI

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