Why You Should Do Video Marketing of Your Business?

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Video advertising can lead your marketing campaign into the future

Video advertising can lead your marketing campaign into the future

Marketing has evolved over time. Digital marketing, of which video-based marketing is a part, is a relatively new phenomenon. It came into existence in the early 2000s and has played a disruptive role in how businesses perceive advertising and marketing. 

A survey found that 59% of marketers who have never employed video as a prominent marketing tool plan to do it soon. Another survey found that over 67% of people prefer watching a short video to reading an article to increase their knowledge about a product or service. Yet another survey discovered that, presently, digital marketing generates 50% higher customer interactions than traditional marketing.

By now, we hope you are one hundred percent certain why you need video marketing for your business. So, dive deep into this article to find the top benefits of video advertising and how you can launch the best video campaign ever. 

But, before we get into more details, let’s find the definition and scope of video advertising/marketing. 

What is Video Advertising/Marketing?

If an image speaks a thousand words, a video may speak ten thousand words. Through a creatively designed video, you can make your audience feel the pulse and live the moment. A well-designed video gives your audience the power to put themselves in the driver’s seat and play the role of the chief protagonist. 

If an image speaks a thousand words, a video may speak ten thousand words

If an image speaks a thousand words, a video may speak ten thousand words

For example, if you sell jewelry and have to market it among women of particular demography, you can do it effectively in two ways – through written ads or video. Although both are parts of content marketing, expressing the key features may become difficult when you take the former route since too much information may make the reader bored. However, if you create a short video highlighting how your jewelry can add value to the consumer, they will imagine the difference it can make and make a purchase decision. 

A well-curated, informative video encourages your customers (read, viewers) to admire your efforts and stay connected. And, the more they admire the content, the better the chances of conversion. Video marketing statistics show that viewers remember 95% of an advertisement through video and only 10% through text. To make it even sweeter, you can expect over 80% of all internet traffic to come through downloads and streaming videos by 2022.

Now that you know the definition and scope of video advertising, let’s focus on the top benefits of the same.

The Top Benefits of Video Advertising/Marketing

Here are the best reasons to include video advertising in your content marketing strategy:

1. Increase Conversions With a Video 

Since videos make users emotionally connected to the story, converting them into customers becomes easy. A Hubspot study found that a landing page video may increase conversions by 80%.

Some websites include a lead capture form within the first minute of their video. A lead capture form is a form where viewers enter their name and email address. Once you get the details, it becomes easy to shoot marketing emails with your product or service details. 

Also, if you want to drive viewer interest, try creating a short video. Remember, internet users have a short attention span. If you create a lengthy video, viewers may lose interest, wasting your entire effort.

2. A Video Can Increase Your Return on Investment (RoI) 

In a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 83% of marketers admitted that the inclusion of video in their marketing strategy had boosted their website traffic. Although the upfront cost of producing a premium-quality video might seem expensive, the RoI might be gravity-defying. Hence, if you want a foolproof way to increase your RoI, consider putting a video on your landing page. 

A Video Can Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

A Video Can Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

3. Video Fosters Trust

Marketing is nothing but showing the customer that you care. An efficient marketing manager knows how vital it is to create a bonding between its products and the customer. And, video marketing is no exception. 

You may use high-quality free video editors to produce a professional video since a well-designed and compelling video on your website can prompt the viewer to turn into a lead and a lead to turn into a customer.

Some online businesses tie up with social media influencers to make their campaign more targeted. 

4. Become Google-Friendly

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet, and Google is the most popular search engine. And since YouTube is a Google product, it automatically lists the most popular videos on the Google search page. It does not matter what type of business you have, as whatever internet users type, Google always shows the top videos and websites in that category. 

Hence, creating a video is important for scaling up your business. But, what is probably even more vital is to upload the video on top video-sharing and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If you are new to video advertising/marketing, it is wise to be present where the audience is. 

So, you know the best reasons to do video advertising/marketing now. Scroll down to learn about the best way to produce a quality video for marketing purposes. 

How to Create The Best Video For Marketing Your Business?

Video creation is an art. However, when you create a video primarily to promote your products or services, you need to take a systematic approach. Thankfully, there are free video editing websites available in the market to make your task super-easy and straightforward. You can create a video with or without expertise. Here are the steps you need to follow to create an eye-catching video:

  1. Create An Exciting Template – Visit the template section and follow a few super-simple steps to create a fascinating template. Select the scenes, put images, choose colors, and do everything you think is important for you.
  2. Add Music and Text – Add stock pictures, music, and video once the template gets ready. You can also adjust the color, brightness, contrast, timing, and add logo or text. 
  3. Export and Share – You may now download the video or upload it directly to social media websites like Facebook or YouTube.

    Create The Best Video For Marketing Your Business

    Create The Best Video For Marketing Your Business

The EndNote

Video advertising can lead your marketing campaign into the future. Be as creative as you can by keeping the target audience in mind. Give them what they prefer, and they will keep coming back for sure.

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