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4 March, 2017
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6 March, 2017
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TS. Tăng Văn Khánh

TS. Tăng Văn Khánh

Dr. Tang Van Khanh is the Chief Executive Officer of OCD, co-founder of OMT (www.omt.vn) and co-founder of OOC Technology Solutions JSC.

  • Experience

With over 22 years of hands-on experience in management consulting and training, he’s been at the helm of OCD since 2007. Dr. Khanh plays an instrumental role in consistently growing OCD consulting business at 2x and 3x over the last 4 years (2010-2014), expanding the scope of service offering by OCD, streamlining OCD service delivery and internal management by applying some of the internationally best practices in professional services management and ensuring that OCD consistently overachieves customer’s expectations in service quality, applicability and professionalism.

Khanh play an important role in the foundation of OOC Technology Solutions JSC, both in terms of product design, product development and company start-up. As a consultant, Dr. Khanh was the team leader  or lead advisor in many successful business strategy reviews, strategic restructuring and business restructuring consulting projects. He is regularly invited to speak at business leadership seminars, workshops and panels and is a regular contributor to OCD’s “Leadership and Change” bi-monthly newsletter.

  • Degree

Dr. Khanh holds an MBA with Boise State University (Idaho, USA, 1999) and his Doctorate in Economics with the National Economics University (NEU, 2006). He also successfully completed the Master  Online Teaching Certificate (MOT) with University of Illinois (USA) in 2010.

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