Mini MBA Program for Canon mid-level managers

Consulting in developing strategy implementation system for FECON
6 March, 2010
Project on developing Online Management Training program, funded by Danida GCF
6 March, 2010
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Last updated on 2 November, 2023

Mini MBA Program for Management Capacity Development was designed and delivered to mid-level manager team of Canon Vietnam in 2010-2011. The program lasted six months with topics covering a wide range of knowledge, from common management knowledge for managers in general to specific skills and knowledge for managers in manufacturing businesses in particular. The program was divided into 9 modules including: Strategic Management, Organizational Structuring, Change Management, Human Resource Management, Internal Management System Evaluation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership and Management, Time Management Skill, Supervising Skill.

The Mini MBA program is conducted by a team of experienced trainers who have been delivering a number of training and consulting projects to companies in Vietnam.


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