4 ways to build the best-quality Guest Post

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Guest Post là gì? Làm thế nào để sử dụng Guest Post trong Digital Marketing?
15 May, 2022
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18 May, 2022
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Last updated on 19 May, 2022

A Guest Post (GP) always plays an important role in the process of developing link building – backlink. So what is a Guest Post? How to make the best-quality Guest Post? Let’s explore more useful insights about it with us!

What is a Guest Post?

Guest Post is a term used to refer to an article posted on a partner’s website, which is served for the purpose of developing content, linking, brands or authors, etc. that they want to convey. 

One qualified GP needs to meet the 03 following criteria: 

  • Make sure to have unique content, which means the article has not been published anywhere on the Internet.
  • The informational content must be really valuable, which is truly helpful to readers.
  • Do not spam or steal your competitors’ or any else’s content.

What are the benefits of a Guest Post?

GP is one of the most crucial steps to make one company’s SEO strategy more complete and effective:

  • First of all, it helps SEO markers to systematize and build high-quality backlinks because they are derived from do-follow (which is a link that receives link juice from one site’s website to another’s website).
  • Secondly, it helps the company’s website to increase conversions, specifically, not every customer who finds the main keyword will buy our products at once. Customers will seek a lot of information or products to select, and consider the best place to buy. Therefore when your Guest Post is one of the top finding results on Google, it is more likely for customers to buy your products. 
  • Brand development: it helps to swell the frequency of repeated repetitions in customers’ subconscious.
  • Author development: as it is the form of contributing content to another website but mentioning products/services or information related to your website. Thus, it is also a way to enhance the “expertise” of the author. 

4 ways to build the best-quality Guest Post

To have a long-term SEO strategy, you need to establish and develop a detailed implementation plan so that your money and effort will bring value to users. At the same time, you need to answer related questions: How many GP is needed? What industry it is in and how to find and manage it?

Method #1: Build a Guest Post system yourself

With this method, only experienced SEO makers should apply it as it takes a lot of time to develop a Guest Post system. It is no different than starting to build each foundation for your house and the first brick is exactly the same as the main website. Hence, this website also needs to ensure that it meets all conditions of one standard SEO website. For instance, providing rich content information that is valuable to readers, fast page loading speed, friendly to devices such as computers, phones, etc. 

With a website which you build a system yourself, not only around serving yourself, but you can also provide services to people in need.

  • Strengths: Help you to easily control and take advantage of selling links, sales, etc.
  • Weaknesses: Extremely expensive to implement and take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Method #2: Make contributions to create content for other websites

With these websites, blogs or papers that are well-known or large-scale with high brand awareness, they always need a team to develop as high-quality content as possible. For this reason, they dare to spend a large sum of money to invite experts to make contributions to develop the website’s content to become more creative and quality. 

  • Strengths: This is a free, great and easier way to build an author.
  • Weaknesses: The content contributed to the website is quite poor, so backlinks become extremely few and difficult to control.

Method #3: Exchange Guest Posts

This method is extremely popular in recent times and regularly applied by many SEO makers. In a nutshell, you own website A and need a GP to go to site B, and vice versa, the two sides exchange posting on each other’s sites.

  • Strengths: completely free, both parties benefit without taking too much time.
  • Weaknesses: 2 websites must have equal strength, related topics are less likely to be discovered by google and not appreciated by google.

Method #4: Use the Guest Post service

Due to the disadvantages from the above 3 methods, many SEO makers have chosen the most optimal solution at this time is to buy GP. Specifically, you will need to pay a certain amount to be allowed to place it for another website.

  • Strengths: Extremely high quality, time-saving, diverse market, etc. 
  • Weaknesses: The number of really quality sites in all aspects is not much, it costs money, etc. 

How to evaluate a quality Guest Post?

To quickly check that a GP has quality or not, my advice is to use Ahrefs tool. In which you will evaluate GP according to the following criteria:

Has the website grown steadily and received a higher amount of traffic than before after using Guest Post?

To check, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to Ahrefs and navigate to Site Explorer

Step 2: Type your website’s domain name to see => Ahrefs will return index information related to Organic search and Organic traffic from which you can compare the chart to see if that website has grown or not.

Find keywords or related topics that have reached the top of Google or not:

Step 1: Log into Ahrefs and select Keywords Explorer

Step 2: Type keywords or topics related to your website. For example, the website you are using is “learn English” if Ahrefs returns results with that keyword in the top, then the GP you use is quality. Same with other keywords.

Check the number of linkout just enough:

Go to Ahrefs => select Site Explorer => type your website domain name => find outgoing links => select link domains.

Must be the main website with high brand awareness.

Some notes when going to Guest Post

There is no denying the great benefits that GP brings, but as Google expert Matt Cutts once commented: “You should not abuse going to Guest Post to increase rankings”. That means SEOs need to be more careful about the content they are hosting on their website. Because Google’s algorithms are extremely smart to detect and distinguish what content is quality or spam.

In case you are an honest content creator, the above problem is not a big deal, instead it also boosts rankings on SERP.

If you pay for links that violate Google’s policies and are discovered by them, it is obvious that your website will drop in rankings.

Also for dropped domains and private networks (namely expired domains). They are bought by others and rebuilt with poorer content and then monetized through link sales. In case you do not learn carefully and build guest posts right on these websites, it will also affect the ranking of your own website. To be sure when guest posting on any website you can check the domain name history first through the website Wayback Machine.

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